Human Resources Projects

 Creating Individualized employee assessment
 Creating Balanced Scorecards
 Employee engagement programs
 Performance Management
 Team Building

Product Development

Creation of Product Development Cycle to enable creation of quality product in much shorter time with comprehensive details step-by-step and timeline.

List of Products:
 BCA Tahaka
 BCA Life Hospital Cash Plan 100% Refundable
 BCA Life Keluargaku
 BCA Life Heritage Protection
 b-SAVE Accident Protection
 BCA Life Saving Protection Prima
 Proteksi Seumur hidup kerja sama dengan D-Cost
 MNC Link (a revamping of older Unit Link Product to be able to compete with the market)
 Hario Sehat (As charge health product created in collaboration with Swiss Re to create new innovation and adjusted to market needs for medical travelers)
 Hario Pintar (Education plan that can with payouts that can be adjusted according to needs)
 Hario Perisai (Death Benefit due Illness and Accident, including inpatient and accident medical reimbursement)
 Hario T-Cash (Personal Accident Product offered to Telkomsel members)
 Hario Generasiku (Protection for students and teachers giving Personal Accident Protection A, B, D along with daily cash plan of maximum 7 days)
 Cipika Dompetku Indosat (Giving members of Indosat Personal Accident Plus Accident Medical Reimbursement)
 Hario Proteksi Dini (Critical Illness product with early stage sold through telemarketing and mediaasurance)
 Hario Inpas (Accidental Protection for 5 years with return on premium sold thru multi-level marketing)
 Hario Karya (A unit-linked product with simple underwriting sold thru worksite marketing)
 Hario Indovision Aman (A term-life protection for Indovision subscribers tailored with their packages to give free subscriptions for 3 years)
 Si Bejo (A revision of our best-seller Hario Siaga sold through vouchers that can be activated through SMS)
 MNC Emas (A pension savings plan with payouts)
 Medicash (A medical cash plan product sold through TV Homeshopping)
 Simpedas (Education plan with additional benefits)
 Asuransi TKI (A collaboration with
 Credit Shield
 Hospital Cash Plan
 Group PA and Term
 Various other products and packaging

Develop New Distribution Channel (Digital Insurance)

 Competitive Advantage and Analysis
 Overall strategy in Digital Insurance
 Recruitment of team
 IT Infrastructure and Web Design
 Developing System of Borderless Face-To-Face Insurance using Mobile (On-Going)

Call Center & Telemarketing Restructuring

 Complete Overhaul of Call Center Telemarketing and Direct Marketing
 Revamping Business Process and Organizational Structure as well as new system acquisition and deployment
 Recruitment and Capacity Building
 Telecommunication Cost Strategy
 Telemarketing Product Strategy and Development

Development of Mediassurance Channel

 Collaborating with GS Homeshopping (Korea) as the foremost multimedia as well as a global leader in TV home shopping to create marketing strategies using television and internet in selling life insurance product
 Working together with MNC Shop to sell a retail product thru TV, internet and telemarketing
 Working together with the best Advertisement Strategists and Consultants in TV industry (RCTI, MNC TV, Sindo TV/INews, Global TV) to create advert that captures and creates Top of Mind and craving for our life insurance products using Television, Billboards, as well as printed media

Develop Customer Relation Officer to cater high end customers

 As part of our strategy to reach High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Affluent Market we created a team of young professionals with quality education from foreign schools and network to the affluent market to be able to introduce our products and enlarge our network of influence
 Empower our team to be able to reach the target market by providing quality training both soft skills and selling cycle
 Designing Marketing toolkits to enable them to sell effectively
 Develop marketing strategy that suites the need for these high end customers
 Strategizing marketing campaign to gather these high-end customers

Creation of Enterprise Risk Management Framework

 Creation of new department under Corporate Strategy Division to enhance company’s ability to identify and assess risk and therefore able to minimize, monitor risk and even control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events
 The purpose of risk management is to maximize the realization of opportunities
 Develop Enterprise risk management (ERM) which is integrated or holistic in managing risk across the company, using clearly articulated frameworks and processes led from board level.
 Embedded risk management in the general management of an organization and fully integrated with other business functions such as finance, strategy, internal control, procurement, continuity planning, HR and compliance.
 Enlisting potential danger in the risk registers
 Developing mechanism of whistle blowing
 Develop Risk Appetite for the company
 Recruitment and Training as well as compliance to regulators

Business Process Re-engineering

End-to-End Business Process Re-engineering and Improvement (Operation) in all Distribution Channel (Agency Sales, Group Business, Bancassurance, and Retail Dept)
 Analysis and redesign workflows within and between departments in order to optimize and streamline business process to achieve better Turn-Around-Time and therefore provide a maximum Service Level Agreement (SLA) to our customers
 Process started from Sales  New Business & Underwriting  Finance  Policy Issuance  Claim  POS  Billing and Collection
 Identify tasks that became bottle-neck
 Automate non-value-added tasks

Creation of Billing Collection Department

 As the company has grown tremendously the needs arises for a dedicated Billing & Collection Department
 A new workflow is developed and researched thoroughly to ensure effectiveness of the work of the new department and end-to-end process (SOP) is created
 Recruitment for new team that ensure department continuity
 Creation of system that enables maximum work as well as dedicated call center to be able collect premium due

Collaboration with Various Business Partners

PT Pos Indonesia, PT KAI, XL, Telkomsel, Indosat, Pertamina, ICB Bumiputera, VOX Mikro, East Timor, GIANT, Yakorma, Marketing Asia Abadi, UOB Buana, PT Pura, Linktone, BlueDot Assistance, Global Assistance and Health Care, BPR Multi Artha, Bank Kesawan, Bank Jatim, Hanura, RDS

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